22nd Annual Juneteenth Celebration

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22nd Posting Starting June 19th



President Joseph Biden Passes Juneteenth Holiday Bill

June 16, 2021

California Passes Bill Establishing Juneteenth  As A National Holiday in 2003

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Three times as many Africans were brought to Central and South America during the Middle Passage than were brought to the United States.

Like the slavery experience in the U.S. Africans were used to till the land and build the foundations for many of the countries of Central and South America.

It is estimated that over 8 million enslaved people were transported to to these areas between 1512 and 1888.

African people became an integral part of the fabric and development of every country in the Americas.

Their story of discrimination mirrors that of Blacks in the United States. 

People of African descent, south of the United States, have experience the same types of injustices. They have been relegated to a second class status. Many have not been able to overcome the many forms of discrimination and neglect. Dispite popular opinions very country in Central and South Americas has a black population.

Like in the United States people of color were allowed to excel in the entertainment and sports arenas. Many others have elected to separate themselves and or live in poverty. Today, from Mexico to Chile people of African descent are demanding to be heard.


Afro-Cuban Band