Columbus brought enslaved Africans to the island of   Hispanola.The Spanish brought enslaved Africans to the   Americas in 1529. Moors in Europe as well Africans from the   continent were brought to the Caribbean.    
 Slavery was introducted to the 13 Colonies in 1619.
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Slave Ship

It is reported that during the Middle Passage 10 million Africans were stolen, enslaved and transported to North  America. Enslaved people were packed into ships, traveled 3 months and were brutally treated. Many did not survive the horors of the voyage. At the end of the trans-Atlantic slave trade it is estimated that 3,000,000 Africans survived to live in  what became the United States. African-Americans experienced the worst form of slavery ever experienced by man.

Chattle slavery would last for 246 years. Laws were enacted against the enslaved people.  Slaves were servants for life, were not permitted to marry, learn to read and testify against caucasians.  At the end of slavery other laws were enacted to limit the movement, economic development and education of people of African descent
In 2019 people of African descent are still fighting for their social, civil and human rights.

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