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 On June 19, 1865, the Union Col. Gordon Granger into Galveston, Texas with a contingency of Buffalo Soldiers.   Their  mission was  to the area's Black inhabitants of the Civil War’s end two months earlier. This news came two   and  years after Lincoln signed and issued the Emancipation . Col. Granger delivered General Order #3 which finally   the last 250,000 whose bondage , due to the minimal Union presence in the region This proved that this area of   slavery had been essentially unaffected by Lincoln’s . June 19th—which was quickly shortened to “Juneteenth”   among celebrants—has become the African-American addendum to our national Independence Day.
 of Juneteenth has traditionally tended towards centered celebrations featuring food, fun, and a focus on self-i   mprovement. Education by guest speakershas become a main focal point. Although initially associated with Texas   and other southern states, the Civil Rights Era and the Poor People’s March to Washington in 1968, in particular,   spread the tradition all across America. The event is now celebrated  across the United States . Milwaukee and   Minneapolis now host two of the largest Juneteenth celebrations in the nation.
 Juneteenth Today 
 On January 1, 1980 the state of Texas made Juneteenth an official holiday. Texas became the first state to grant the   date recognition. Several states have since issued proclamations recognizing the holiday, but the Lone Star State   remains alone in the date, full holiday status.  Government offices are closed and  employees have the day off.   Supporters and celebrants of Juneteenth to in number. Wherever African-Americans are found around the world   Juneteenth is celebrated. Juneteenth is promoted not only as a of African-American freedom, but as an example   and  of self-development and respect for all .
 Juneteenth Riverside
 Most do not include information about this significant event in American History. The Riverside Juneteenth   Committee since 1993 has worked tirelessly to bring the accomplishments of African-American people to the . The   history of Afro-Mexican, Afro-Latino (people from Central, and are presented in vignettes throughout the Riverside   celebration.
 Juneteenth Celebrations are a time for communities to come together.  In this light,    and service organizations   dispense information, local talent perform,  while delicious food  adds flavor to this day of family and community   fun.  
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