Committee  Members

The Riverside Juneteenth Committee was formed in 1993.
The celebration was moved to Bordwell Park in 2000.

 Delores Armour (Founder)

 Burma Manns (Chair & Co-Founder)

 Sufia Amenwashu (Co-Founder)
 Anne Williams (Co-Founder)

 Nile Williams (Co-Founder)

 Eugenia Turner (The Voice of Juneteenth)

 Deborah Barrozo (Volunteer Coordinator)

 Jean Denny (Resident Poet)

 Sherrie Russell (Health Services)

 Harold Ross  (Outreach Coordinator) 

 Crystal Washington (Talent Coordinator)

 Charity Washington (Youth Volunteer Coordinator)

 Natasha Ferguson (Publicity)

 Annette Henry  (Logistics Cordinator) 

 Shelley      (Gift Coordinator) 

 Aric Isom    (Original Webmaster)

 Mary Welch
 Lovie El Amin
 William Collier
 Dayna Turner

 Dr. Jerusalem Tesfai (Cultural Advisor)

 Dr. Karen Wilson   (Historian) 

Richard O. Jones (Honorary Member / Historian)

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